What is DeTor AI?

Next-Gen Blockchain with Multichain Swaps & On-Chain AI

The rapid evolution of blockchain technology has unearthed tremendous potential for applications spanning from finance to artificial intelligence. However, issues such as scalability, limited interoperability, and privacy continue to hinder broader adoption. Addressing these challenges, DeTor AI L2 blockchain integrates second-layer scaling solutions, advanced privacy technologies, and cross-chain functionalities to forge a more versatile and efficient blockchain ecosystem.

The DeTor AI L2 blockchain is a next-generation, layer-2 solution designed to enhance the scalability, interoperability, privacy, and utility of blockchain applications by providing a robust platform for decentralized artificial intelligence (AI) services, multichain swap aggregation, cross-chain swaps, and advanced privacy solutions. Leveraging unique cryptographic algorithms and a novel architectural design, DeTor AI L2 blockchain aims to offer seamless, secure, and efficient transactions across multiple blockchain networks, while enabling innovative AI-driven applications directly on-chain.

Problem Statement

Current blockchain networks suffer from several limitations:

  • Scalability: High network congestion and low throughput on major blockchain networks increase transaction costs and delays.

  • Interoperability: Limited interaction between different blockchains restricts the fluidity and scope of decentralized applications (DApps).

  • Privacy: Many blockchain solutions lack robust privacy protections, making sensitive data vulnerable to exposure.

  • AI Integration: Incorporating AI functionalities on-chain is often impractical due to the computational intensity and storage requirements.

DeTor AI L2 Solution

The DeTor AI L2 blockchain proposes an innovative layer-2 framework that addresses these issues through:

  • Multichain Swap Aggregator: Aggregating liquidity from various decentralized exchanges (DEXs) to provide best swap rates and reduced slippage.

  • Cross-Chain Swap Technology: Facilitating efficient asset transfers across different blockchains without relying on intermediaries.

  • Privacy Solutions: Implementing zk-SNARKs and secure multi-party computation (sMPC) to ensure transaction privacy and data security.

  • Decentralized AI Services: Integrating AI tools directly on the blockchain, optimizing for low-resource consumption and high performance.

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